2018 - present

Cortex Creatives is a platform for rising creatives.

I work with Cortex as their Social Media Manager and Creative Strategist.

Since working with Cortex, I have established Cortex Challenges, a bi-monthly challenge which runs under a chosen theme.

I have recently organised ‘Cortex Presents: Privacy Panel and Talk Event’, in coherence with January’s ‘Privacy’ challenge.

Within Cortex I work with creatives across all industries to collate work for our online platforms. To achieve a 24 hour flow of fresh content, I work alongside our co-founders, videographers and writers, to update our platforms with all Feature and Focus releases on our site. Cortex is currently in the process of building it’s own digital platform.

In addition to this, I organise Instagram Story Takeovers with established creatives, to give our audience a taste of creative practices at an industry level.


Poster Design: Me

Image: Joel Smedley